Years of memories are set to go up in smoke today (Tuesday) on the Iowa State University campus in Ames. Iowa State University has decided it would cost too much to fix up the 1960’s era Knapp and Storms Halls that’re part of the four-building towers complex on the south edge of the campus — so, they’re going to bring them down. I-S-U spokesperson Annette Hacker says the plan to implode the buildings at 10 A.M. Demolition experts have drilled small holes throughout the buildings at key structural points. She says they’ll use 55 pounds of explosives to bring down each building which weight about 55 tons. Hacker says there’s a lot of interest in Ames and from I-S-U grads who studied, partied and came of age in the buildings. She says implosions are not an everyday event and she says when you compound that with the fact that over 42-thousand people lived in the buildings over 40 years, there’s a lot of interest and memories. Hacker says the buildings have been stripped of all furnishings and other material and everything is set for the main event. Hacker says weather is the only thing that would delay the implosion, and she says it would have to be severe lightning. And if all goes well — Knapp and Storms will go from 11-story structures to piles of rubble and memories in about one minute. She says they should have two 40-foot or four-story piles of rubble when they’re done. The buildings are the second tallest in Ames and the tallest in the I-S-U campus. Their counterparts, Wallace and Wilson halls, will remain standing. If you’d like to see the implosion, the I-S-U website will have video available on their website after the event is complete. Surf to: