The mother of the Griswold teen charged with arson and murder is facing new charges, too. The Cass County Sheriff’s office has charged 37-year-old Deborah Lynn Street, of Clay Center, Nebraska, with bigamy. Deborah — who known as Debbie Dyess, too, — is the mother of 18-year old Tracey Dyess and she married Brian Street on April 17th, 2003, in Arizona. Debbie is also married to Dale Steve Grothe (grow’thee). They were wed July 13, 2000, in Clay Center, Nebraska. Debbie is currently on probation for second-degree theft and on-going criminal conduct charges. If found guilty of the bigamy charge, her punishment would be a year in jail or a fine. Tracey Dyess, the daughter, is currently in the Cass County jail awaiting an October 25th trial for setting the fire that killed her sister and nephew. She had said she set the fire to harm her stepfather, Brian Street, for years of sexual abuse. Street is in jail on federal pornography charges. His trial is slated to begin August 1st.