The last remaining suspect charged with murder in the shooting of a woman at an after-hours party in Waterloo last year has pleaded guilty to lesser charges. 21-year-old Joseph Washington of Waterloo was sentenced to 25 years in prison Wednesday for his role in the death of Thyanna Parsons. Prosecutors say the Waterloo woman was hit by a stray bullet when a group of men opened fire outside a home in the city last October. To avoid trial and possible conviction to a life sentence, Washington entered an alford plea to charges of ongoing criminal conduct and intimidation with a dangerous weapon. The alford plea means Washington admits no guilt in the case, but admits prosecutors have enough evidence to convict him. Washington was one of six men originally charged with first-degree murder in Parsons’ death. Earlier this year, two brothers were convicted of murder for their roles in the crime. The other three men, including Washington’s brother, Joseph, made deals with the state and pled guilty to reduced charges.