The Iowa Department of Natural Resources is investigating an unknown contaminant that’s turned a three to four mile stretch of a stream in southwest Iowa a florescent green color. Dan Stipe, with the DNR, says it’s killed thousands of fish in the Platte River Tributary southwest of Creston.

"It appears whatever is killing the fish is not selective," Stipe says, "and it’s killing pretty much everything in it’s path." The DNR has collected samples and the source of the contaminant remains a mystery. Stipe says the green material passed through the Creston wastewater treatment plant. It doesn’t appear the plant was affected, but the contaminant is killing loads of fish downstream.

The DNR is trying to get the word out to area livestock producers. Stipe says there are a lot of livestock in the area that drink from the stream, so farmers should take action now to move their animals.