A puppy found in a Davenport dumpster has a new lease on life. A maintenance worker at the Freight House, a downtown restaurant and bar complex, saw two eyes peering at him from a dumpster as he emptied some trash. It was a female puppy, believed to be a 3-month old Jack Russell/Beagle mix.

It had been stuffed into a duffle bag that was nearly zipped closed. The black-and-white puppy was shivering but now appears to be in good health. The worker, Jaret Gelande, turned the dog over to the Scott County Humane Society. The shelter normally holds strays for six days before euthanizing them.

But Gelande says if no one has adopted the puppy in five days, he will. He also says his employer is now locking the gates to the Dumpster.

By Phil Roberts, Davenport