University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics administrators told the State Board of Regents Wednesday they’re working to find the “root cause” of missing some $11-million in patient billings. University Hospitals internal auditor Deb Johnston took a closer look because heart patient numbers were steady, but revenue was dropping.

She says they looked at three days in October and found that 47% of the procedures were not billed. After spotting the oversights patients or their insurance companies were billed, and hospital administrators still checking to see if patients receiving other services weren’t charged.

The Board of Regents also gave hospital administrators permission to go ahead with purchasing land -and other planning for a $52-million clinic project called River Landing. U-I vice president Jean Robillard says it is on a fast track.

He says they plan to open the River Landing in May of 2012. The Regents also approved a 6%  University Hospitals rate increase that will take effect July 1st.