A survey finds many employers in a host of industries across Iowa are planning to add to their staffs in the coming three months. Mike Lynch, spokesman for Manpower Incorporated, says July, August and September should see plenty of job growth in the state, in fact, some of the best growth in the nation.

“Overall, according to the most recent survey, it looks like employers in the state of Iowa are pretty optimistic about their hiring intentions,” Lynch says. “Of those employers surveyed, 25% plan on increasing staff while just 6% plan on decreasing staff. Overall that makes us number-three in the country in terms of optimism for hiring for third quarter.” Lynch says it marks a significant improvement over where Iowa was a year ago, an indicator the economy is definitely on the upswing.

When the country is broken into four quarters, Lynch says the Northeast region showed the greatest optimism for hiring for the upcoming quarter, while the Midwest followed very closely behind. He says the good hiring numbers in Iowa are registering in almost all industries where the employment agency surveys managers.

Employers in construction, durable and non-durable goods manufacturing and wholesale/retail all planned to boost hiring in the upcoming quarter, Lynch says. Virtually all industries except for education and health services were planning to increase staff. For more details on the survey, visit: “www.manpower.com“.