The State Board of Education discussed recommendations from a technology task force during its annual retreat last week. Education Department spokesperson, Elaine Watkins-Miller, says the task force report gave some very general recommendations on technology.

Watkins-Miller says there were some specific examples of what could occur in the areas of technology, such as having resources for teachers that gave them a one-stop on-line look at the resources that are already available. Watkins-Miller says they had a panel discussion about not implementing technology just for technology’s sake.

Watkins-Miller says one panelist called technology the context, and their goal is to decide how to use technology to enhance the learning experience and make that experience even better. She says the board did not take any formal action on the technology recommendations.

Watkins-Miller says it was a retreat so they were looking at what could be done, and as they move forward the board will look at some policies and possible legislative recommendations. You can see more about the task force recommendations on the Iowa Department of Education website at: