A 26-member committee at the University of Iowa has released a plan to curb dangerous drinking among students over the next three years. U-I professor Susan Assouline, the committee’s chairwoman, says the ultimate goal is to change the University of Iowa’s reputation as a party school.

“We know through a number of different surveys, that the percentage of students who engage in high risk drinking here at the University of Iowa is much higher than the national average. Our baseline is 70%. Our target is to lower that by 15%,” Assouline said. The U-I has tried to tackle problems with binge and underage drinking on campus for years – but with limited success. Assouline says the new plan is more comprehensive in scope.

“There will not be just one particular activity or tactic that will solve this problem,” Assouline said. “But by working together – the community, the students, the staff, the faculty – with all of the resources we have here, we can really focus on our message – which is success and health.”

Assouline says the plan aims to attract students with healthier behaviors, provide more alcohol-free activities for students, expand awareness about dangerous drinking and increase alcohol-related sanctions on and off campus. The U-I Alcohol Harm Reduction Plan for 2010 to 2013 also calls for creating a senior U-I position to lead the initiatives.