The mayor of the northeast Iowa town of Dunkerton and his nephew were found guilty today of interfering and harassing a public official.

A Black Hawk County jury handed down that verdict against Michael Schares and his nephew Thomas Adamson in connection with a traffic stop last December.

Thomas Adamson’s wife Teresa was driving when she was stopped for speeding by Dunkerton police officer Robert Roquet. The traffic stop became heated when Thomas Adamson, who was riding with his wife, asked to see the radar detector for proof that she was speeding and Roquet refused.

After that, Adamson called Schares to come and talk to the officer. Both men argued with Roquet during and after the traffic stop resulting in Schares later firing Roquet, but two days later, Roquet was back at work. Sentencing for the two men will be held at a later date.

Defense attorneys have indicated they will request a deferred judgment for Schares.

By Scott Fenzloff, KCNZ, Cedar Falls