The city of Oelwein now has a new mayor following a special election Tuesday. Four people were vying for the seat, and the winner is Peggy Sherrets , the council person and mayor pro-tem who was appointed to the position shortly after former mayor Jason Manus resigned.

The controversial election was sparked when then mayor, 36-year-old Jason Manus resigned in August after being charged with five counts of sexual abuse involving 2 young girls, ages 9 and 14. Manus has pleaded not guilty to the charges.

The Oelwein City Council at first appointed Sherretts to fill the seat, but citizens signed and submitted a petition calling for a special vote. Sherrets will fill out the mayor’s term until the next regular city elections in November of 2015.

Here’s the unofficial vote tally:
Peggy Sherrets: 716
June Griffith: 386
Ryan DeHaven: 155
Brandon Kieffert: 69

(Reporting by Roger King, KOEL, Oelwein)