Rescue personnel in northeast Iowa’s Fayette County were sent out on a somewhat unusual mission Wednesday morning. Christina Edmonds, who lives in a rural area northeast of Oelwein, has an old well on her property that sits near her dog’s kennel. She told KCRG-TV that a stray dog somehow became trapped inside the eight-foot deep pit.

“My boyfriend went to work and he’s like, ‘there’s a dog in that well.’ And I was like, ‘oh my gosh, how are we going to get it out?’,” Edmonds said. The well pit was covered with heavy boards, but the dog apparently slipped through. Oelwein Fire Chief Wallace Rundle wasn’t sure how long the pit-bull mix may’ve been in the well, but it was friendly and excited to get out. “(The dog) was very docile when I looked down through the opening,” Rundle said. “We got a cage down there, the firefighter got the dog in and then shut it, and we attached a harness and brought it up.”

Despite falling down an eight foot hole, Dr. Ken McDonough with the Oelwein Veterinarian Clinic, said the dog is happy and healthy. “From all we can tell, it looks like he is doing fine,” McDonough said. “He would probably sit next to anybody who would pet him.” The sheriff’s department is looking for the one-year-old puppy’s owner. The vet’s office said if no one comes forward, they’ll look for someone to adopt the dog.

By Jill Kasperie, KCRG-TV