snowblowSome residents in the eastern Iowa town of Bettendorf are steaming hot over a cold issue.

At issue is a proposed ordinance that would penalize Bettendorf homeowners and tenants who allow snow or ice accumulations to remain on sidewalks more than 48 hours following a storm. Violators would have to pay for the cost of snow removal plus a $75 fee.

But some people, including Bettendorf Aldermen Scott Webster, are opposed. The Quad City Times is reporting that Webster has concerns regarding the lack of an inch requirement in the ordinance and how people would be notified about the ordinance.

The plan was to notify people through the newspaper, but Webster says sending them warning letters would be more effective. He also says violators should get at least one warning before action is taken against them.

The council has voted to table the issue for now.

(By Phil Roberts, Davenport)