Wind chill factors are below zero across much of Iowa this morning, while forecasters say high temperatures in multiple cities will likely set records this afternoon for being so cold.

Meteorologist Mike Fowle, at the National Weather Service, says the high temp in Des Moines won’t even be half of what it should be for this date. “Our current forecast high today is going to be 20 degrees and the previous record low maximum was 24 degrees, and that was set way back in 1881,” Fowle says. “I don’t know how it’s going to make us feel but our average or normal high this time of year should be about 47 degrees, so we’re going to be way below that.”

Elsewhere, Ottumwa may only see 23 degrees for a high today. The record low is 24 and the normal high is 48. In addition to the cold air temperatures, Fowle says those wind gusts will be sharp. “We’re going to see a rather blustery northwest wind today, probably in that 15-to-25-mile-per-hour range. We’re seeing temperatures at a number of locations below zero,” Fowle says. “Not very typical for middle of November, more like mid-January.”

Parts of Iowa got more than four inches of snow earlier this week, but there’s no more significant accumulation in the immediate forecast.  “We’re going to see a continuation of a few flurries and light snow showers as well over the next couple days, but as we get to Sunday and into early next week, we are looking at a warming trend,” Fowle says. “We’re not talking about beach weather or anything like that, but temperatures should be warming back up at least into the 30s and 40s, a little bit closer to the average highs for this time of year.”

The extended forecast for next week shows little-to-no snow and highs in the 30s and 40s through Thanksgiving.

Radio Iowa