Some of the pigs that were rescued. (ARL photo)

Dozens of farm animals are being rescued from a property in southeast Iowa.

“It’s an evolving situation quite frankly at this point,” said Animal Rescue League of Iowa CEO Tom Colvin.

Three dozen adult pigs were brought to Colvin’s facility in central Iowa last night. Rescue teams are back at the property in Washington County today and Colvin expects dozens more animals to be removed.

“Basically what we found upon arriving was that there were sheep, goats and pigs living in terrible conditions, along with dead animals,” Colvin said. “…The animals had no adequate food or water.”

While the Animal Rescue League is often associated with retrieving malnourished and mistreated dogs and cats, Colvin said the organization is prepared for all animals.

“We take the name ‘Animal’ in our name literally,” Colvin said. “We have everything you can imagine come to the Animal Rescue League, including farm animals. As I often say, we receive everything from hamsters to horses and everything in between.”

The Animal Rescue League and the Iowa Farm Sanctuary in Oxford are handling the rescues. Some of the animals found alive at the property in Washington County are in critical condition, according to a statement from the Iowa Farm Sanctuary. Colvin said beyond the lack of food and water, the animals did not have adequate shelter from winter temperatures.

Radio Iowa