Snow is falling in northwest and southwest Iowa and it’s expected to spread to the east.

National Weather Service Meteorologist Brooke Hagenhoff says most areas won’t see large accumulations and there is another aspect of the storm that will be a problem.

“The bigger story with this is going to be some of the winds. We’re looking at gusts between 40 up to possibly 50 miles per hour and with that it’s going to first of course cause some difficulties on the roads,” she says.

Hagenhoff says the winds will blow the snow and also bring a chill. “The stronger wind will also be ushering in much colder temperatures, which could cause some refreeze, especially with some of the light liquid precipitation we’ve had today. So all of this added together, could cause just some slippery conditions, especially for anyone that’s going to be out this evening, as those temperatures continue to drop,” Hagenhoff says.

She says everyone should be ready for the heavy winds.”The entire state for the most part is expected to see those gusts again between 40 up to possibly 50 miles per hour,” she says. Hagenhoff says temperatures will stay chilly for St. Patrick’s Day, and won’t warm up until next week

Radio Iowa